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Once opportunities are identified and prioritised Agathis executes projects with the confidence that it possesses the necessary technical competencies to support the Internet initiatives. Secure, fast and reliable services are amongst the most valuable features in the online processing and e-Commerce world. Agathis possesses the knowledge, the experience and the payment gateway technology to guarantee its customers and merchants a simple and effortless way to access what they need, in addition to a robust and protected system that was carefully shaped to save clients time and assist them in earning more money.

Agathis's advanced technical expertise, coupled with a certified PCI-compliant secure online payment gateway technology, ensures that all the needs of its clients are taken care of and well managed.
Our technological solutions are flexible enough to accommodate change and are customisable in order to satisfy each business's precise needs. Each client can count on full service and guidance to support the launch and marketing of its business. Our merchants have access to the proficiency of risk and compliance personnel as well as superior business planning and forecasting with customised e-reporting available 24/7.